Business Services

We provide a number of services that ensures your business is protected.

Asset Recovery

Asset recovery is known as the identification and recovery of property or assets.

According to the Chief Financial Officer of Florida, the Division of Unclaimed property holds unclaimed property accounts valued at more than $1 billion, mostly from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance and utility companies, securities and trust holdings.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention is a set of practices employed by retail companies to preserve profit.

Business related theft can ruin what an employer has worked so hard for, and is often preventable. It’s estimated that U.S. businesses lose billions in employee and retail theft every year.

Hubspot states that Prevention, Awareness, Compliance, Detection,  Investigation, and Resolutions are the 6 key principles of loss prevention. Our investigators use these principles to decrease business related theft, and save your company time and money.

Background Checks

A background check is the process of looking up someone’s criminal, financial, personal, and/or professional records. Background checks are mostly used by employers, schools, law enforcement, gun retailers, and nonprofit organizations.

Other business services

  • Pre-Employment
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Computer Forensics
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Tenant Screening
  • Asset Recovery
  • Surveillance
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